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Child portrait in Lavender

Candid outdoor, on location portrait Photography

‘When a child is lost in that most perfect state of just being a child, that is when you get the best pictures’

GUIDE'23 Guide to JForster Photography,s photo shoots in 2023

Hi, I am Jo, a newborn, child and equine portrait photographer working from my base here in Barns Green, Horsham, West Sussex and travelling throughout the South-East (and sometimes beyond!) to undertake private commissions in your home or other location.

Not a fan of four walls, I primarily work in outdoor environments.

Since having my two boys I have come to love their little and unique characteristics, their lack of adult like inhibitions and ability to find joy and pleasure in the smallest of things.

I want to capture these special young years for you. The outdoors is unrestrained, informal and gives a real feeling of freedom which is perfect to bring out the best in our little humans; and that is what I strive for.

To create memories that last forever from moments captured in time.

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