17 thoughts on “BPA (British Photography Awards)

  1. What an array of choice!
    My favorites are 6, 9, 7 and 12.

    12 because the focal range of the child is so crisp in the middle of the range of focus, the choice of the child is quite beautiful the lavender is not competing with the child but there’s a little touch of crispness on the right hand side in the lavender.

    7 is also about focus, the very sharp vivid green blades of grass that then move into softness both in colour and fabric with the child’s skin in a subtle soft focus too.
    9 shows bravery, strength and vulnerability in such a young person. This one is a hard one as I too have vitiligo so I am choosing because of my own feelings rather than on a technical basis.

    6 the use of shadows creates a number of complexities that invites the viewer to look more closely both at the subject and their own reactions. It also allows the subject to blend in, be a chameleon, rest from scrutiny, be who they want without being defined by eyes.

    Ackk….so to choose…. Overall it is 6. But otherwise torn between 7 and 12.


  2. My favourites are 4,7 and 12.

    4 because of the array of colour and the focus on the centre of the image. It’s stunning!
    7 because of the child’s expression looking at the bubbles, beautifully captured. Its lovely.
    12 because of cute little girl with the colourful flower head dress and it’s beautiful in focus at the centre of the image. Overall all these aspects make for a great photo.

    They’re all very beautiful images Jo, well done! Best of luck in the competition xx


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